e.g. Nestle or Windsor

EU Farm subsidies for Netherlands
in 2008

These pages list farm subsidy payments made in Netherlands as published directly by the government of Netherlands or sourced via freedom of information requests.

Top recipients

Name Location Total amount
Coöperatie Voedings Tuinbouw Nederland U.A. Zuid-Holland, 36,706,844.12 €
E.D. & F Man Sugar Outside Netherland, 33,530,101.80 €
AVEBE UA Groningen, 30,926,929.70 €
KONINKLIJKE COÖPERATIE COSUN U.A. Noord-Brabant, 26,592,075.00 €
Koninklijke Coöperatie Cosun UA Noord-Brabant, 9,319,384.57 €

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Available years for Netherlands

Year Recipients Total amount
2008 170,927 1,043,300,077.85 €