Aid granted for the following measure: POSEI is a specific agricultural scheme aiming at taking into account the constraints of the Outermost Regions as required by Article 349 TFEU. It consists of two main elements: the specific supply arrangements and the measures to support local production. The former aims at mitigating additional costs for supplying essential products resulting from the remoteness of these regions (through aid for products from the EU and exemption from import duties for products from third countries) and the latter at assisting the development of the local agriculture sector (direct payments and market measures). POSEI also allows the financing of plant-health programmes.

Due to legal reasons detailed payment data is only visible for the last two years (2020 - 2021).

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Total amount
≈ 4.3 billion Euro
received all recipients from 2014 to 2021 within the scheme VI/C.1 - POSEI is a project by FragDenStaat, the central contact for all questions relating to freedom of information in Germany.