EU Farm subsidies for 2020

These pages list farm subsidy payments made in Lithuania for 2020 as published directly by the government of Lithuania or sourced via freedom of information requests.

Available years for Lithuania
Total amount
208,210,106.29 €≈ 208.21 million Euro
237,967,832.07 €≈ 237.97 million Euro
778,184,360.85 €≈ 778.18 million Euro
727,573,023.13 €≈ 727.57 million Euro
696,676,518.47 €≈ 696.68 million Euro

Due to legal reasons detailed payment data is only visible for the last two years (2020 - 2021).

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Total amount (2020)
≈ 696.68 million Euro
received all recipients in Lithuania in 2020 is a project by FragDenStaat, the central contact for all questions relating to freedom of information in Germany.